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Active Worlds is an online virtual world, developed by ActiveWorlds Inc., a company based in Newburyport, Massachusetts, and launched on June 28, 1995. Users assign themselves a name, log into the Active Worlds universe, and explore 3D virtual worlds and environments that others have built. ActiveWorlds allows users to own worlds and universes, and develop custom 3D content. The browser has web browsing capabilities, voice chat, and basic instant messaging.

In March 2016, the game made headlines when Youtuber and Twitch streamer Vinny of the streaming group Vinesauce explored the MMO and came across a user by the name of “Hitomi Fujiko”, who he assumed to be an AI programmed into the game, but who clearly showed signs of life as the stream went on. The Video Is Below…

Since then Active Worlds has been up graded and the current Version is Version 6.5 In V 6.5 They replaced the backend render system and uses recent development environment VS 2017, Windows 10 PDK, thereby drops support for Windows versions XP and Vista. The public versions of the world server and the AW SDK has been updated to the recent feature set. 

Basically They improved the all out performance of the browser and enhanced the user experience. Only Down side is those with older systems running Versions of Windows prior Windows 7 will be left out. Some of the Improvements / Additions within the current update are as follows

  • Updated public SDK
  • Updated public World Server
  • Dropped Vista and XP for 3d client
  • Game scripting features (PHP/COM)
  • Direct3D 9 as standard render backend

They also added Visual Effects such as Depth of Field / Focal Cam, Bloom/Glow and brighter pixels / Sharpen+contrast

So AW is Back in Development and will remain so in 2019 and beyond. Come Join us in one of the longest running 3d experiences on the web visit and sign up/ download the browser. The best part is Active Worlds is Free….

Ray Barbier / Dovestar

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