Active worlds SW City in Alpha Turns 20

On March 24thThe largest Built City in Alpha celebrated its 20th Anniversary, Founded on March 24th 1999 SW City was Started by SW Comit. Two of The Remaining Members SW Chris and Syntax Gave a Tour of the city on 3/30/2019. The tour went through many of the beautiful builds. I saw some real innovative builds along the way including a flowing river constructed prior the introduction of Particle Emitters. The Most impressive part was for being such an old city it was quite wonderfully designed and had some really lag free and high fps along the tour. Makes you realize the quality of Builders, city planners and innovative / creative minds we have had through the years in Active worlds.

Here is a bit of information about SW City borrowed from the Active Worlds Wiki.

Modern-day SW City is the 8th in a series of towns all named SW City. All towns were tourist cities founded, built, and only intended for members of the gaming clan named SW, the Scarab Warriors, a team of about 50 people whom played an old 1997 game called Scarab. The tourist cities were built in a variety of worlds, but only lasted a few weeks before being discovered and deleted.

The last town was founded as a floating tourist town in Alphaworld on March 24, 1999. Four days later, SW City’s tourist residents registered as citizens and the first permanent builds were made, down on the world’s surface. Even though it was now a citizen city, the rule remained that only members from SW could join. However this rule was dropped June 9, 1999, welcoming SW City’s first non-SW member and female resident, Pern.

For more information on SW City you can Either visit the AW Wiki or The SW City website

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Here are some Nice Photos of the tour and parts of SW city Provided by Chris The Pegasus

Ray Barbier / Dovestar

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