Raymond’s Random Thoughts 8-8-2022

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The past holds the keys to the present, all of our experiences, words, actions, and inactions of the past are what created the circumstances and situations we face in the now. Just as what we experience, do, and say in the present maps out what the future will bring. There is of course the influence of others and random circumstances that have some effect on where we are and will be in the future, but we are still the architects of our lives in the end. If one produces constant negative thoughts and actions it tends to attract negative people and circumstances their way, the same is to be said if you are a positive producing person. Though occasionally some tragic circumstance comes around and disrupts ones life, it is one of those things we may not be able to control, but we are in full control of how we react to the circumstance and how much it affects our lives.

I believe it is far better to be kind, forgiving, and compassionate than it is to be angry, bitter, and judgemental. Not saying I do not go through rough patches in my life or that I don’t fall into those emotions, I just try to avoid being negative and pull myself out of that pit of emotional darkness as quickly as possible when I do fall in. Being angry, bitter, and negative tends to eat away at your happiness and wastes a bunch of your precious time. It slowly eats away at your energy and keeps you preoccupied with such things as revenge and can lead to depression. Forgiveness is one of the best tools we have as humans to combat anger and bitterness. Forgiving others does not only release them from the transgression they committed but it also releases you from the hurt and anger associated with it. Forgiveness does a dual job as I stated and is the best way to deal with the fact we all are imperfect and make mistakes.

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Trust is a double-edged sword of sorts, it can make one secure and feel a sense of peace but if trust is lost it can cause great turmoil, and bring about hate. Yet once again forgiveness can take care of the anger and pain associated with the loss of trust. More than likely trust will never be there again or it will be on a lesser level, but at least the pain and anger will not bring you down or cause you more problems down the line. Just remember, no matter how great of a man or woman one may be, they are only human and are prone to make some pretty poor decisions at times. There is nobody who can say they have never made a mistake or let another person down in life. It is all about how you deal with and make up for those mistakes more than the mistakes themselves. As far as those who do bad things repeatedly with no remorse and never will correct their ways, forgive them but then move on and no longer be associated with them. Best to let go of toxic people who find a twisted sense of pleasure in doing others harm.

There will always be bullies, evil and vile people in this world, they will have much power as long as society accepts them and sometimes glorifies them in movies, tv, and on the news. I think it all starts in the school years, the cool kids usually are mean, bullish, and narcissistic. The regular kids and those that are picked on either fear the cool kids or look up to them only reinforcing the bad behaviors and vanity of those who are popular/cool. Thus when those kids become adults they continue to believe that they can continue being the way they are with no consequences. The average kids continue on to be average adults who still look up to or envy those who are popular and those that were bullied continue on living in fear of rejection and struggle to succeed in life. To be fair many of the kids that were so-called popular and/or cool will grow up and out of that juvenile mentality but there is still a percentage that never let go of it.

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The only solution I myself can think of is to start celebrating and promoting the children that are kind-natured and show distaste for bullies and similar. Being kind and compassionate is not a sign of weakness as some want to claim, it takes a strong person to be kind and compassionate in dire times. Some of the strongest and toughest people I’ve known were very kind and compassionate. Some even took on bullies to protect those who were too timid to stand up for themselves. What a wonderful world it would be if we all were compassionate and kind, the strong would protect the weak, and those with would happily give to those without. Guess I am just a dreamer, and as John Lennon said I don’t think I am the only one.

Well, that is all, enough of my random thoughts for today.

Be blessed and be good to one another


Published by Ray Barbier

I am just an average man who loves writing, thinking and trying to inspire kindness, love, understanding and Compassion in others and try to find them within myself.

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