Balance is not the agenda in politics, it’s party domination that drives both parties it seems

So much division in society due to the politicization of almost all things newsworthy and or postable on social media platforms. Too much trust in conspiracy theories and not enough trust in science. Fear-driven reaction to impossible situations as big business and politicians cash in on the disarray. The homeless, elderly, and those without childrenContinue reading “Balance is not the agenda in politics, it’s party domination that drives both parties it seems”

Ray’s Ramblings 4-17-2023

I sit here in my autumn of life looking back on my early years, thinking about how easily I fell into the ways of my peers. How when something was seen as normal behavior or common behavior I would emulate it without even considering the moral aspect of it. Mind you when you’re a childContinue reading “Ray’s Ramblings 4-17-2023”

Politics, the world, the power of your vote and voice.

Time is speeding by as the world becomes more and more divided. So much polarization of political views and so much anger, fear, frustration, and financial disparity. The wealthy continue to get richer as the middle class slowly disappears and the poor becomes even more impoverished. Mass shootings become more commonplace as gun control isContinue reading “Politics, the world, the power of your vote and voice.”

The proverbial devil on our shoulder

The Enemy Within is the side of us that constantly churns out negativity, self-doubt, and apathy. The proverbial devil on our shoulder that tries to undermine our every effort to improve and move forward. We all have a such side of ourselves but some of us hear it more than others which makes life muchContinue reading “The proverbial devil on our shoulder”

Ray’s Rambilings 3-28-2023

The Effect that one’s self-confidence and self-image have on performance and quality of living is quite apparent. When you have self-confidence and a good self-image you are more likely to hit the zone (increased alpha and zeta waves in the brain) which makes you more focused and able to complete tasks quickly and with betterContinue reading “Ray’s Rambilings 3-28-2023”

Some Thoughts on a Thursday 2/16/23

Life can be trying at times, if we let those trying times get to us and hold on to those times we only add baggage to our emotional state. Live through the trying times, learn the lessons from them, and let it go. There is so much more to life than the bad times thatContinue reading “Some Thoughts on a Thursday 2/16/23”

Ray’s Ramblings 11-16-2022

Well looks like that here in the U.S.A. are in for 2 years of a get nothing done congress, a bunch of party-motivated investigations, and so on now that it is a divided congress between Republicans and Democrats. The House will waste money and time on vengeance comities to hurt the Biden administration and theContinue reading “Ray’s Ramblings 11-16-2022”

Ray’s Ramblings 11-11-2022

When you are young finding friends comes easy but as you age the social circle you once had shrinks and adding to it becomes more difficult. The reason why you should take care of the friends you have throughout your life. To the young, I say make many friends and do not hesitate to pursueContinue reading “Ray’s Ramblings 11-11-2022”

Ray’s Ramblings 11-7-2022

Tuning out from tv and internet media and going fishing, camping, walking in the woods, and spending time with family and friends is what we all need to do. Put behind us all the politics, opinions, and conspiracy theories behind us for a while. Time to return to real life, interacting with people and enjoyingContinue reading “Ray’s Ramblings 11-7-2022”

The vote, the candidate, and your responsibilty.

Voting is a right we all have in our great nation. Voting is a very important part of the political process and one should take part in it so your voice can be heard. Even with the recent questions on the integrity of our voting systems, you should still go out and cast your vote.Continue reading “The vote, the candidate, and your responsibilty.”