A House Divided: The Challenges and Struggles of Everyday Americans

Instead of feeding the hungry, spending money on war and foreign policy is prioritized. Instead of fixing the border and creating a fair immigration policy, politics is valued. Money flows to the coffers of big businesses, corporations, and foreign countries while some in Congress want to slash funding for programs that assist people in need at home. Policies to safeguard the citizens are stalled by party politics and political rhetoric dominates the news cycle on both sides. Too many seek their moment on the camera and in the political spotlight due to the upcoming election cycle. Neither side is ready to compromise in order to get things done, they rather cling to their party lines, agendas, and the desires of their base than do what is right for all of the people.

Many veterans, the elderly, and other citizens face daily challenges to maintain shelter, food, and bills while coping with rising inflationary prices. Many are jobless due to their location, age, and/or health. There is also the fact that higher education now costs most Americans more than it would to purchase a house. I really think the senior politicians in Congress have become disconnected from everyday American citizens and their struggles. I am worried they have gone astray and forgotten why they became politicians and why they were elected into office.

Both parties are shifting, becoming more radical, and the once moderating and dominant moderate politicians in both parties have either vanished or chosen to remain silent or inactive. Those that used to bridge the party lines and forge compromise in order to get policies and work done seem to no longer exist or they are just so overwhelmed by the extreme elements in both parties. Everything is getting personal in politics, and everything on the news and on social media is becoming political. If we do not find a way to restore things to working order, the hostile nations out there will exploit this disorder and our country will pay the price for that fact.

When both parties drop all the partisan politics and the rhetoric, they can accomplish some great policy-making. When things run smoothly, our country can surmount almost any kind of tragedy or challenge before it. We need to pull ourselves together politically and socially and cooperate towards a better future for our country and the world as well. I leave you (The politicians) with these little words of wisdom, A house divided upon itself is doomed to fall.


Published by Ray Barbier

I am just an average man who loves writing, thinking and trying to inspire kindness, love, understanding and Compassion in others and try to find them within myself.

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