Religions have long known that getting away from it all is good for the mind, body and spirit

Kristen Lucken, Brandeis University Summer vacations are coming to an end – though not everyone took one. Under federal law, U.S. companies aren’t required to offer a single paid vacation day, compared to the at least 20 required in the European Union. About 1 in 4 U.S. workers don’t receive any, and even among thoseContinue reading “Religions have long known that getting away from it all is good for the mind, body and spirit”


Ray’s Ramblings 11-16-2022

Well looks like that here in the U.S.A. are in for 2 years of a get nothing done congress, a bunch of party-motivated investigations, and so on now that it is a divided congress between Republicans and Democrats. The House will waste money and time on vengeance comities to hurt the Biden administration and theContinue reading “Ray’s Ramblings 11-16-2022”

Ray’s Ramblings 11-11-2022

When you are young finding friends comes easy but as you age the social circle you once had shrinks and adding to it becomes more difficult. The reason why you should take care of the friends you have throughout your life. To the young, I say make many friends and do not hesitate to pursueContinue reading “Ray’s Ramblings 11-11-2022”

Ray’s Ramblings 11-7-2022

Tuning out from tv and internet media and going fishing, camping, walking in the woods, and spending time with family and friends is what we all need to do. Put behind us all the politics, opinions, and conspiracy theories behind us for a while. Time to return to real life, interacting with people and enjoyingContinue reading “Ray’s Ramblings 11-7-2022”

Why inequality is growing in the US and around the world

Fatema Z. Sumar, Harvard Kennedy School U.S. income inequality grew in 2021 for the first time in a decade, according to data the Census Bureau released in September 2022. That might sound surprising, since the most accurate measure of the poverty rate declined during the same time span. But for development experts like me, thisContinue reading “Why inequality is growing in the US and around the world”

Japan’s ‘waste not, want not’ philosophy has deep religious and cultural roots, from monsters and meditation to Marie Kondo’s tidying up

Kevin C. Taylor, University of Memphis The word “waste” is often frightening. People fear not making the most of their time, whether at work or at leisure, and failing to live life to the fullest. Warnings against waste run especially deep in Japanese culture. Many Americans are familiar with the famous decluttering technique of organizationContinue reading “Japan’s ‘waste not, want not’ philosophy has deep religious and cultural roots, from monsters and meditation to Marie Kondo’s tidying up”

The vote, the candidate, and your responsibilty.

Voting is a right we all have in our great nation. Voting is a very important part of the political process and one should take part in it so your voice can be heard. Even with the recent questions on the integrity of our voting systems, you should still go out and cast your vote.Continue reading “The vote, the candidate, and your responsibilty.”

Ray’s Random Thoughts 10-17-2022

Seems our world is set in a pattern of division, fear, and hate. People taking sides and closing their minds and hearts to compassion, logic, and tolerance. We have the military and political powers of the east and west clashing over policy differences along with ideologies. Conservatism and Liberalism in the world has become moreContinue reading “Ray’s Random Thoughts 10-17-2022”

Ray’s Random Thoughts 9-24-22

A World on the brink of a possible world war, facing food shortages, dealing with inequity in both financial and social perspectives and a world being divided by political extremes. There are a lot of problems this world is facing and more division over how to deal with the problems and/or to move forward. AddingContinue reading “Ray’s Random Thoughts 9-24-22”

Pick pack 1 of 10 by Shokan Radio DJ Dovestar

Mix Genre collection of Creative Commons Licensed Music 1. Niki J Crawford – Ridiculous Love 2. Always the Alibi – After all I’ve done 3. Drunk Souls – There is a place 4. Invisible Tears – The Traitor 5. Kellee Maize – Want 6. Good Intentions – No time to waste (Radio Remix) 7. GuessContinue reading “Pick pack 1 of 10 by Shokan Radio DJ Dovestar”