Balance is not the agenda in politics, it’s party domination that drives both parties it seems

So much division in society due to the politicization of almost all things newsworthy and or postable on social media platforms. Too much trust in conspiracy theories and not enough trust in science. Fear-driven reaction to impossible situations as big business and politicians cash in on the disarray. The homeless, elderly, and those without children are left behind or cast aside like refuse by politicians and society. Those in power seek to take away all the safety nets in place to help and protect the less fortunate part of the population.

The age they set for retirement is too old for a portion of the population, some are not healthy enough to work but too healthy for disability benefits. Some who still can work have to deal with age discrimination when it comes to trying to find work as well. Then you throw in the discrimination that minorities have to face due to their color, sex / sexual preferences, and nationalities, and there are many being left behind and looked at as less than human and/or second-class citizens. This and more is happening in the nation touted as the melting pot, the land of the free, and the guiding light of the modern world.

Do not get me wrong, The US is a great place to grow up and live in. I just think it is falling short of what it could be and should have been. I would not choose to live in any other country and would die to protect it if the situation was to arise. The politicians have lost touch with both reality and the people, well at least the common people they are supposed to represent, serve and protect. Too much extremism in politics nowadays, smaller pockets of the population which have the loudest voices drown out the cries and voices of the rest of the population right now.

Balance is not the agenda in politics, it’s party domination that drives both parties it seems, soundbites and extreme political grandstanding take priority over policy and the issues at hand. Both parties have good qualities and policies if they were to work together we would probably have a better country for all to live in. Just the same both parties have some bad policies and agendas driven by the lust for power and profit that needs to be weeded out.

No system or government is perfect, but we can and should hold those in power accountable for their words, actions, and so on.


Published by Ray Barbier

I am just an average man who loves writing, thinking and trying to inspire kindness, love, understanding and Compassion in others and try to find them within myself.

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