Ray’s Rambilings 3-28-2023

The Effect that one’s self-confidence and self-image have on performance and quality of living is quite apparent. When you have self-confidence and a good self-image you are more likely to hit the zone (increased alpha and zeta waves in the brain) which makes you more focused and able to complete tasks quickly and with better accuracy. In turn, how you feel about yourself (self-image) and how confident you are in your abilities can improve your quality of life both through being more focused which increases the quality of performance, and the emotional factor of either being happy with one’s self or not.

Simply put, the better you are at what you do, the better your self-image is, and in turn, the happier you should be, And the happier you feel influences your quality of life. Then there is the evidence of how happiness, positivity, and laughter are beneficial to one’s health. The fact all three not only enhance one’s quality of life but have also been proven to improve healing times and results as well. That brings us to music, it can alter your brain waves, such as increasing alpha waves and it also can influence a person’s emotional state. Not only that, there has been research into how it affects the heartbeat, and also music can either help increase one’s possible lifespan or decrease it depending on the genre.

There also is some research into sound waves in Australia, showing certain frequencies can cause the cells in your body to regenerate thus possibly being a cure for certain ailments and afflictions. Of course, these are concentrated soundwaves, similar to what they call ultrasound. That would be a good thing if big pharma doesn’t find a way of hiding the results of that study. That was just a sidenote that came to mind due to discussing music and its health benefits. Meditation is another good way of trying to raise your alpha waves and reach the zone, it also helps one to concentrate, relax and destress, and all of those things are beneficial to our mental and physical well-being.

This leads us to the physical aspect of improving a person’s quality of life and self-image as well. Yoga, depending on the type of yoga is mainly stretching and breathing exercises. There is of course way more to it, but for now, we will stick with those basic parts of yoga. The human body requires to be active in order to remain healthy, breathing not only supplies oxygen and expells the Co2 the body makes it regulates the body by controlling the flow of oxygen. The body is a complex organism and each part is symbiotic with the other. Through breathing exercises, you can slow your heart rate, lower blood pressure, and relax muscles as well. All the wild postures and stretching you do in yoga, not only does it limber up the body but also it helps with blood flow as well. We could get into the metaphysical end of it but I will leave that for another time.

Thai Chi, is very similar to Yoga in the sense that it requires body movement and some breathing exercises. It has been called Moving Meditation, you become totally engrossed in the movements and breathing you wind up getting into the zone, and the alpha waves and theta waves increase during the time you’re doing Thai chi. The good thing about Thai Chi is that people of all ages can do it, it is not very difficult and even elderly people can do it. Even if you are in a wheelchair you can just do the upper body movements and probably can reach the same goals.

There are many ways to achieve that Zone state of mind, even playing a video game can help you reach it. There were studies done by DARPA using such principles and video games to improve a soldier’s shooting skill with great success. They looked at the Alpha and Theta waves of an expert shooter (Marksman) and found ways to get an average soldier to reach the same levels of Alpha and theta waves to see if it improved the shooting score and it had some very impressive results.

Getting into the zone may not fix all a person’s problems, it is just a tool to improve one’s life and build on their quality of life. So much is needed to live a full, healthy, and productive life that was not discussed in this blog post, But we touched on some of the ones I have recently been looking into. Remember, this is your life and more than likely the only life you have. So do the best you can to take care of the body and life you have been given, so you do not wind up regretting letting things slide as you get older. Enjoy life, but make sure to keep a good balance between the wants and needs of your body and mind.

Well, hope you Enjoyed this Post, Blessings, and peace to you all.


Published by Ray Barbier

I am just an average man who loves writing, thinking and trying to inspire kindness, love, understanding and Compassion in others and try to find them within myself.

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