How Bob Dylan used the ancient practice of ‘imitatio’ to craft some of the most original songs of his time

Raphael Falco, University of Maryland, Baltimore County Over the course of six decades, Bob Dylan steadily brought together popular music and poetic excellence. Yet the guardians of literary culture have only rarely accepted Dylan’s legitimacy. His 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature undermined his outsider status, challenging scholars, fans and critics to think of Dylan asContinue reading “How Bob Dylan used the ancient practice of ‘imitatio’ to craft some of the most original songs of his time”

Pick pack 1 of 10 by Shokan Radio DJ Dovestar

Mix Genre collection of Creative Commons Licensed Music 1. Niki J Crawford – Ridiculous Love 2. Always the Alibi – After all I’ve done 3. Drunk Souls – There is a place 4. Invisible Tears – The Traitor 5. Kellee Maize – Want 6. Good Intentions – No time to waste (Radio Remix) 7. GuessContinue reading “Pick pack 1 of 10 by Shokan Radio DJ Dovestar”

Why we’re obsessed with music from our youth

Kelly Jakubowski, Durham University People tend to be extremely nostalgic about the music they listened to when they were young. If you were a teenager in the 1970s, chances are you will love Queen, Stevie Wonder or ABBA. And if you were young in the 1990s, Wannabe by the Spice Girls probably still gets youContinue reading “Why we’re obsessed with music from our youth”

How Stoicism influenced music from the French Renaissance to Pink Floyd

Melinda Latour, Tufts University Have you ever turned to music when struggling with a difficult emotion, like sadness, anxiety or anger? Most people believe that music has some therapeutic power, and that confidence is increasingly backed by empirical evidence. However, there remains little consensus on precisely how or why music has an ability to influenceContinue reading “How Stoicism influenced music from the French Renaissance to Pink Floyd”

Boomers, Grandchildren Find Common Ground Through Music

(NewsUSA) – As mayor of D’Lo, Mississippi, one of John Henry Berry’s recent challenges included tracking down errant employees — goats he had positioned to clip the town’s ball fields had wandered off. The quest for the goats is an example of the quirky challenges facing Mayor Berry and featured in the reality series, “SmallContinue reading “Boomers, Grandchildren Find Common Ground Through Music”

New Book Explores Link Between Music, Spiritualism, and Science

(NewsUSA) – -In the wake of the ongoing pandemic, many people have taken the opportunity for introspection, and many are exploring spirituality and the meaning of the universe in a new way.For Christians, God is the creator, and a new book explores a unique way of examining creation from the perspective of quantum physics, andContinue reading “New Book Explores Link Between Music, Spiritualism, and Science”

Music and Dance Drives New Blood Pressure Campaign

(NewsUSA) -Approximately half of U.S. adults have high blood pressure, but many don’t know it, according to the American Heart Association. A new public service campaign from the American Heart Association, American Medical Association and Ad Council in partnership with HHS Office of Minority Health and Health Resources & Services Administration encourages all adults toContinue reading “Music and Dance Drives New Blood Pressure Campaign”