Pick pack 1 of 10 by Shokan Radio DJ Dovestar

Mix Genre collection of Creative Commons Licensed Music 1. Niki J Crawford – Ridiculous Love 2. Always the Alibi – After all I’ve done 3. Drunk Souls – There is a place 4. Invisible Tears – The Traitor 5. Kellee Maize – Want 6. Good Intentions – No time to waste (Radio Remix) 7. GuessContinue reading “Pick pack 1 of 10 by Shokan Radio DJ Dovestar”

Ray’s Random Thoughts. 9-21-2022

The world is in a state that is quite divisive, seems political extremism is at an all-time high, and social inequality is having a toll on the world’s economy. I watch as some of those in need get left behind or forgotten when the government distributes financial help as other groups seem to get theContinue reading “Ray’s Random Thoughts. 9-21-2022”