Ray’s Random Thoughts 9-24-22

A World on the brink of a possible world war, facing food shortages, dealing with inequity in both financial and social perspectives and a world being divided by political extremes. There are a lot of problems this world is facing and more division over how to deal with the problems and/or to move forward. AddingContinue reading “Ray’s Random Thoughts 9-24-22”

Diet can influence mood, behavior and more – a neuroscientist explains

Monica Dus, University of Michigan During the long seafaring voyages of the 15th and 16th centuries, a period known as the Age of Discovery, sailors reported experiencing visions of sublime foods and verdant fields. The discovery that these were nothing more than hallucinations after months at sea was agonizing. Some sailors wept in longing; othersContinue reading “Diet can influence mood, behavior and more – a neuroscientist explains”

Healthy Eating Adds Up to a Healthy Heart

(NewsUSA) – Making healthy food choices can be overwhelming, especially if money is tight. Good nutrition is at the core of good health and reducing risk of cardiovascular disease, such as heart disease and stroke. “Eating delicious nourishing meals on a budget is possible, especially with a few key tips to make it simple,” saysContinue reading “Healthy Eating Adds Up to a Healthy Heart”

Homestyle Recipes Take the Cake for Gifts, Fundraising

(NewsUSA) – As the holiday season approaches, so does the dilemma of holiday and year-end gift-giving. Whether you are seeking something for a friend, family member, or long-absent colleague, edible gifts are a can’t-miss choice, and the range of tasty treats goes far beyond a prepacked gift basket. Like many big ideas, Hahn’s Old FashionedContinue reading “Homestyle Recipes Take the Cake for Gifts, Fundraising”

Massive Volunteer Effort Touches 18 States

(NewsUSA) – Williams is an energy infrastructure company that is fueling the clean energy economy. This spring, hundreds of Williams employees gave their own energy to complete more than 160 community projects across 18 states during the company’s inaugural volunteer week. “Strong community involvement is at the heart of Williams, driven by our core valueContinue reading “Massive Volunteer Effort Touches 18 States”